The Fullerton City Jail

The Fullerton City Jail address is 237 W. Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, California 92832 and is within the Fullerton Police Department complex. An arrestee will be detained here until they go to court, usually 48 hours from the time of arrest, excluding weekends and court observed holidays. An arrestee may also post bail or bail bond once they have been booked and eligible for bail under the Orange County Uniform Bail Schedule. The booking process generally takes an hour to several hours to complete. However, expect delays if the Fullerton Jail is busy with bookings, shift changes, and computer system failures. Otherwise, an arrestee will be released approximately 30 minutes to an hour once bail or bail bond is posted.

Fullerton Police Department
Fullerton Police Department & Jail Facility

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Furthermore, the Fullerton City Jail is a 24 hour operation, thus an arrestee may be released any time of hour, seven days a week. Keep in mind, the lobby  closes at 10PM daily, but a call box on the exterior of the building will give you some access to the Fullerton Police Department. A bail bondsman or bail bond company will have access to the Fullerton City Jail 24 hours a day for the purposes of bail. In addition, the bail agent will be  familiar with the policies of the police department and in return assist you in expediting the release of your friend or loved one. If you are posting cash bail via check, money order, etc.., you will need to meet certain requirements which can be found at the bail or bond section of the Fullerton Police Department’s website. You may also get Fullerton Jail inmate search information by calling the Fullerton Jail phone number at (714) 872-9198.

Note: The booking process requires the Fullerton Police Department to register the arrestee’s charges believed to have violated the law. During this process, the detained individual will have their personal information and description taken. They will be photographed, fingerprinted, medically evaluated with a questionnaire, criminal background check, and given a telephone call pursuant to California Penal Code Section 851.1.

Options For Making Bail

There are several ways to post bail for a friend or loved one at the Fullerton Police Department. Below are your most popular options for posting bail:


Cashier’s checks, personal checks, and money orders are acceptable up to a $5,000.00 limit. Bail set at a higher amount must be handled through the court or the use of a bail bond company. The cash bail option also requires valid identification that matches the check and ID address. You may not combine various forms of payment either. As you can see, there are limitations to cash bail because there are polices in place at the city level and county level. Requirements for accepting cash bail may change in the future without prior notice by the police department. Thus, you can understand why most people decide 


This is the most popular form in posting bail and the most convenient. The bail bond company puts up the money in a form of an appearance bond, promising the arrestee will appear in court for the alleged criminal charges. In return, the person posting bail for the arrestee (co-signer) will pay a percentage (usually 10%) of the bail amount to the bail bond agency for their service. The co-signer may also be required to secure the bail bond with real property, cash, etc.. This obviously depends on the severity of the alleged charges against the arrestee, the arrestee’s prior criminal history, and bail amount. Regardless, this is the most expedient way of having someone released from the Fullerton Jail 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Get Bail Now! 714-872-9198

Visiting Hours at The Fullerton City Jail

Family or friends may visit an inmate/arrestee any day of the week except on the day of the arrest. Visiting hours are between 9AM to 11AM and 12PM to 1PM daily and all visits are approved by the watch commander or the jail supervisor. The arrestee is permitted to have one 15 minute visit during their stay at the Fullerton City Jail with the exception of additional visits by a bail bondsman, criminal attorney, or clergy. Proper identification will be required for all visits and all visitors must meet all requirements for the visit. Additional information for placing a visit with an inmate may be found here. Once again, we have access to the arrestee and the jail 24 hours and can post bail at a moments notice.


Fullerton Jail Information

The Jailors and police department staff at this jail facility are experienced and extremely professional. They work around the clock, providing some of the best law enforcement services in Orange County, California. Department policies and circumstances not noted above, may require the arrestee to be transferred to the Orange County Jail for housing purposes. Thus, not everyone arrested by the Fullerton Police Department remains at this jail facility. Several reasons for the transfer are; person arrested on a warrant, health of arrestee, and jail overcrowding.  Please expect delays in having your friend or loved one released if they are transferred to the Orange County Jail. The county jail houses well over 3000 inmates and the booking process may take up to four hours to complete. Once the arrestee is completely booked in and ready for bail, it will take another 4 to 6 hours for release. This does not include transportation time and delays from one jail facility to to the other. Whatever the case may be, the jail staff will be able to direct you in the right direction or the bail agent you are dealing with. You may also look up an inmate at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s website under the who’s in jail link provided. For further information 24 hours a day, please contact us at 714-872-9198. Thank you