Fullerton Police Department | Hours & Phone Numbers

The Fullerton Police Department lobby hours for the general public are between the hours 6AM and 10 PM daily. The police department is located at 237 W. Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, California 92832. The main cross streets are Commonwealth Avenue and Highland Avenue in the City of Fullerton. Below you will find important phone numbers frequently used to contact the various divisions within the Fullerton Police Department. You may also post bail or bail bonds twenty-four hours a day at this location without any delays. 

For more information on posting bail at this location please call (714)872-9198.

Fullerton City Jail Facility

Telephone: 714-738-6800

Website: https://www.fullertonpd.org

714-738-6716, 6717, 6718

David Hendricks: 714-738-6825




Fullerton Police Department | Inmate Visitation

Visiting hours  are usually  daily 9:00AM  through 11:00 A.M. IN addition,  12PM through  1:00 P.M. Every detained person can have a visit per stay, not lasting any longer than 15 minutes. There is NO visitation permitted on day of any arrest.

Visiting Requirements:

  • You need to produce a good valid government ID in order see the arrestee.
  • If the arrest is due to a domestic violence and the visitor is an involved party, the visit may not be authorized.
  • Priests (Pastors), Bail Agents , and Lawyers with appropriate ID and credentials are permitted more time during an inmate visit, 24 hours a day.
  • No individual under the age of eighteen may place a visit with an inmate, but only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Personal items are not allowed to be delivered and given to an inmate without the prior approval and examination of the Fullerton City Jail staff. 
  • All Fullerton Jail visits must be verified and approved by the supervising Jailer or the Fullerton Police Department Watch Commander.

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Fullerton Police Department | Pay-to-Stay Program

The Fullerton City Jail provides a Pay-to-Stay Program for persons given the chance to serve their jail time in an alternative jail time program. This is an out of pocket cost program provided to those approved men where found guilty and sentenced to certain time in a local city jail. Only individuals with non-violent misdemeanor convictions are approved and accepted as inmates for the Pay-to-Stay Program . The required jail time program is an option to doing jail time in the Orange County Jail. With the approval of the sentencing court of jurisdiction, men may choose to do their jail time in the Fullerton Jail as an inmate worker.

  • Sentences are given on consecutive days, plus weekends.
  • Weekend inmates are unacceptable for this program.
  • Program prisoners are kept separate from all non-program participating inmates and have little contact with other detainees.
  • Pay-To-Stay Program inmates help with minimal work during their program participation.
  • The work includes: cleaning, laundry, waste removal, etc.

Program enrolled inmates unwilling or can’t  follow the rules and given instructions by the  Fullerton City Jail staff will be terminated from the Pay-to-Stay Program and will do the balance of their jail time at OC Jail.

The Fullerton Jail is restricted in size and its ability to facilitate various types of inmates. Because of these restrictions, there are some limitations to the program. In order to guarantee and meet the inmate’s requirements, all applicants must:

  • Submit an application
  • Pay a one-hundred dollar ($100) processing charge. (Cash payment only and non-refundable)
  • Fill out a medical questionnaire, and be questioned before receiving approval for enrollment of any program.

    Upon submitting an application, the Supervisor of the jail will call the applicant and meet to discuss the Pay-to-Stay Program.

Pay-to-Stay Program Fees:

  • The program fee is one-hundred dollars ($100.00) per day.
  • Approved applicants must pay the entire amount on the 1st day of their sentence.
  • There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Applicants unable to pay the complete amount at the check-in time can’t serve their jail time at the Fullerton Jail.
Once the jail time is successfully finished, the inmate will get a completion letter. To apply for the Pay-To-Stay Program, please call the Jail Supervisor at (714)738-6722. You can download and complete the application prior to your interview with the Supervisor at the jail. Inmate privileges and allowed items into the Fullerton City Jail and Fullerton Police Department.