Bail Bond Tips

The purpose of our bail bond tips is to better educate the public about the bail bond process and how bail bond companies function on a daily basis. We are here to look out for you, the prospective client. Below you will find some pitfalls to avoid when making arrangements for bail.

Bail-n-Switch™ - Buyer Beware

The biggest complaint received from customers who have dealt with a competitor bail bond agent or company is that the fees changed after the transaction was completed and the arrestee was released. This is an ongoing problem in the bail industry, where the offer is too good to pass up and the customer falls victim to the deviant tactics of the bail bond company or its representative. Remember, the bail bond rates(premium) are the same for all bail bond companies conducting business in the State of California. Here is an example, ABC Bail Bonds is advertising a 5% bail bond, but they fail to tell the customer that this is half of the premium due on the bail bond fee. So, the customer enters into an agreement thinking they only have to pay 5%. However, a fews days later, the bail bond company calls the customer and is requesting the additional 5% fee! They even threaten to throw the arrestee back into jail if they don’t comply!  This is completely unethical and illegal, and must be reported to the California Department of Insurance immediately. Always ask for the following information to avoid such a scenario:

  1. A copy of the bail bond company’s rate filing with the State of California.
  2. A receipt of charges.
  3. A copy of the bail bond issued. (The fee charged will be displayed on the bottom of  the document)


Bail Bond Solicitors

In recent years, there has been a rise in illegal solicitation by licensed bail agents and individuals not licensed at all. The California insurance code prohibits any individual from soliciting someone at jails, courthouses, and other affiliated buildings. Beware of individuals trying to solicit you for bail in courtrooms, outside county jails, and police departments. Many of these unscrupulous individuals are not licensed and know little to nothing about bail. If they are persistent, ask them to leave or report them to a peace officer located within the facility.

Bail Bond Paperwork

The bail bond paperwork is the most important information regarding a bail bonds transaction. The paperwork includes an application, agreement, bail conditions, and receipts. It is very important that you read and understand everything you are signing. Do NOT sign anything you don’t understand and ask for clarification from the bail agent if necessary. Most importantly, always obtain copies of everything you sign before leaving the bail bond company’s office. Bail bond paperwork takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

Release Times

Police departments and county jail facilities release individuals 24 hours a day from custody, but their release times are not the same. Generally, an average release time from a county jail is 4 to 6 hours, not including the time it takes to complete the bail bond paperwork or the time required to book the arrestee. When posting bail at a local police department like the Fullerton City Jail, the release time is between 30 minutes to an hour. Keep in mind, delays occur often and release times may be extended due to jail overcrowding, booking process, computer system failure, shift changes, etc… The bail bond company has no control on how quickly an arrestee is released, however the bail bond company does have control on how quickly the bail bond is posted for the arrestee. Always make sure you get the time of when the bail bond was posted by the bail agent. This is a good indicator of the service provided by the bail bond company and its bail agent.

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