Bail Bond Rates

The 10% standard rate premium applies to all bail bonds, unless they meet the qualified rate shown below.

The 8% preferred bail bond rate premium applies to the following:

Qualified Union – Any union in which the defendant or indemnitor (co-signer) are members.

Private Defense Counsel – Any practicing and retained defense attorney for or on behalf of a defendant in relation to the case to which this bail bond shall apply.

Government Employee – Any defendant or indemnitor (co-signer) currently employed by a United States city, county, state,or federal government agency.

Full Collateral/Real Property – Any bail bond where the bail bond exposure is secured with real property (home) with an unencumbered value in excess of 100% of the bail bond being executed.

Fullerton bail bonds

All rates have been approved by the California Department of Insurance. The bail bond rates are fixed

percentages of the penal (total) amount of bail and may not be discounted or rebated by law.